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Welcome in the South West ! A great situation

in Béarn,

between ocean and mountains,

at the edge of the river

very close to pays basque.
Sauveterre Sauveterre

Sauveterre de Béarn

Eglise st André Its medieval town,   BEARN'S GEM

Its shops...

Béarn des gaves

Salies de Béarn

Salies de Béarn Salies de Béarn,hydrotherapeutic cure

Thermal resort,casino,golf...

Salies de Béarn,jardin public Salies de Béarn,park

Pyrénées Atlantiques

Pays basque


2 km from pays basque.

St Jean pied de portSt Jean pied de port

Our valleys

ValléesNice walks LescunLescun

Ossau's, Aspe's and Barétous's valleys.

Our beaches


The Atlantic Ocean, beautiful beaches,

Cote landaiseLandaise Coast